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July 9 2011

June 27 2011

UPDATE 14:12 ET, 27JUN2011

Working, working, working!!  More soon.

February 21 2011

UPDATE: 00:14PM ET, 20FEB2011

UPDATE: 00:14PM ET, 20FEB2011

Sarah Palin Meet's Abraham Lincoln "Refudiate?!"

February 18 2011

UPDATE: 11:38PM ET, 18FEB2011

February 12 2011

UPDATE: 02:38PM ET, 12FEB2011

Roxette is truly great even after so many years.

February 07 2011

UPDATE: 05:01PM ET, 07FEB2011

BIG Government And Laser Pointers

It was an unusually cloudy day and so I found myself spending more time scanning „News“ and paying attention than I normally tend to do.  As I was surfing over headlines and stories I came across this article in “Time” regarding Senator Rand Paul (TP-R Kentucky).  The headline read:

February 04 2011

UPDATE: 11:13PM ET, 04FEB2011

Facebook Instant Personalization" goes in to effect today

February 02 2011

UPDATE: 06:34pM ET, 02FEB2011

As the tensions in the Middle East continue and we see a "generous but firm" peaceful gesture from the people of Egypt, I think it is time Mr. Mubarak allows true democracy to enter his country in a swift, safe and dignified manner.

January 31 2011

UPDATE: 11:11pM ET, 27JAN2011

How did we learn to relax...."Put your right foot in put your right foot out....."  I think this way is far better and looks a good deal more appealing than "Romper Room".  Ahhhhh yes the "Adult Romper Room". 

January 29 2011

UPDATE: 09:44AM ET, 27JAN2011

World Muslim population doubling, report projects.

Currently Updating
January 19 2011

UPDATE: 04:22AM ET, 12JAN2011

Who is "Hu" China's and Forbes No. 1 Player

Currently Updating

January 12 2011

UPDATE: 03:38AM ET, 12JAN2011

I was browsing the news media this morning and came across an article regarding Mr. Julian Assange and his proposed/pending extradition to Sweden.

First off I do not condone Mr. Assange actions or those of Pfc. Bradley Manning.

Mr. Assange however has yet to be formally charged with ANY crime and so an arrest warrant or the more extreme process of extradition would be in all but this highly publicized issue, out of the question.


Then you get the “Teabagger”, Palin and Huckabee additive in this already explosive mixture. These individuals, who supposedly represent “Freedom, Liberty AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” demanded formally for Mr. Assange’s “Execution, without what we usually call “Due Process”.

It is hard to compose words that translate the thoughts I feel behind such outcries. It is however no surprise that when leading public figures are openly requesting that individuals, “before due process”, be executed that a shooting such as the one in Arizona may soon become part of everyday life in “Secure America”. The calling for “Executions” or “Posters” showing opponents being depicted in “crosshairs”, promoted by leaders in a Country where a gun is as easy to buy as a Big Mac does not bode well….for anyone AT ALL.

Have we truly come this far?

January 8 2011

UPDATE: 07:38AM ET, 08JAN2011


As I read this and the following story I was struck with how the “Whole Issue” was being addressed.  The Army is “Revisiting” an old friend?  A “Sick Comrade?”,  a soldier who is receiving “An Honorable Award?”. 

No, a "Ban".  A Ban on having women fight in Combat. 

Not to mention the "Rank and Grade" they have earned over the years in the "private sector".  "Proven" I think would be sum it up.  Who from us cannot attest to the "qualifications" of the female in "Combat Situations?"  This however is different and long in coming.

The Army is “Revisiting” something it has more or less been allowed to ignore since Women’s Rights Legislation began to move along in 1921!  So much for the “Old War Buddy”.   

In an era where women CEO’s have provided truly stronger and more stable/honest reputations than their male counterparts, I think it is long overdue to usher in full equality. 

Yes indeed perhaps 2011 is just that year!

Let’s not just, “Visit” OK?

P.S. Banning women is generally a bad concept as it lowers moral, causes depression and there is no one around to engage in "quality argumentation".

UPDATE: 01:36AM ET, 08JAN2011

After relaxing on cool white porcelain .”….(Yep and good reception there as well but a story for another time), early, very early this morning.  I was somewhat “rudely” shaken out of the dust that still swam before my eyes.  I was reading “Time Mobile Napolitano Target of Fiery Mail in D.C “ and after the chatter of the self-incinerating envelopes I was, quit honestly AWAKE as I read that and I quote here;         

“In July, Napolitano launched a nationwide "see something, say something" campaign. Her recorded voice can be heard in Washington-area Metro stations, reminding commuters to report suspicious behavior.”   And I thought we just spent years on the "Don't ask Don't Tell" thing.....


AND there are voices calling out that Obama’s Health Care (among many other things) are the key factors in the “Socializing” of America?

So Let me get this straight.  I am in D.C., have my lovely and very curious 3 year old daughter (only a theory, I would NEVER take her on the D.C. Subway…even with Janet in the background.) and she suddenly say’s quietly “Pappa, I have a buggie in my nose….”.  As a responsible “Pappa” I have a staple of tissues packed in a large, weathered and somewhat mysterious looking sack that I drag around with me.  So I crouch down on the station platform, fishing in my “Mysterious Bag”….AND already HD Video has picked me up and 3 people are already reporting me to the Police as units race towards the station? 

The true question that lies in this whole story is, WHERE CAN I GET THE JANET NAPOLITANO CD?

January 7 2011

UPDATE: 12:21PM ET, 07AN2011

Onetime Blackwater affiliate scores U.S. contract.

"A company closely associated with the security firm once known as Blackwater has won a new State Department contract worth more than $84 million over five years."

After years of "Bush" funding and "protection" and a name change (Xe) it is disgraceful that ANYONE vaguely attached to this company would continue to profit.  Legal Killing...........yet again?  How is it that continued and by now means small amounts of funding and grants continue to flow?  Have we not seen and heard enough or do we forget History that quickly?  "Two Thumbs DOWN"

This year has begun with a mighty display of local fireworks (in the air) as well as it's share of explosive nature on the Global arena.  2011 looks to be exciting as well as challenging. 


I am aware that I tend to be slighted as I do herald from Chicago and in the past have had the "Excellent Adventure" of dealing with the "Chicago Machine".  As I see the the 'Bro Daley has a long and experienced track record in investment banking I only begin to wonder who is pleasing whom in this "High Profile" choice.  Who by the by is "Gonna" be Mayor by the way in the Windy City?


December 2010

The year came to a rather quiet end despite some rather truly "punching" periods during 2010.  Deep Horizon, Gay Rights and not to forget the escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.  We even lost Leslie Nielsen!

This year?  Will the jobless rate truly sink?  Will someone finally put the "Teabaggers" in a can? (What a delightful thought.)  I hope as 2010 comes to and end and we reflect on what we did we are able to implement some good in 2011.  Lets simply attempt at a more respectful and perhaps friendly manner in dealing with others.  All others. 

Best Wishes to all in this special Holiday season and so love and respect for all.

November 2010

It is simply too difficult to argue that "Democratic-Socialism" is not a "North Korea" exsitence.  General Health Care, comprehensive unemployment and some "State control" in certain sectors can lead to a far more productive as well as less taxing lifestyle.  Open mindness is not required but encouraged.
October 26 2010

With the success of acquiring the interest of Germany's "Radeberger Brewery Gruppe" Phair.TV! is working on a joint investment venture with an Capital Investment firm based in Munich, Germany.  In addition we have received the final "German Incorporation Tax" filing are now officially a Germany company.  With such positive progress we can only, anxiously, look forward to our December2010/January 2011 Deadline.  Look forward to seeing you soon!

October 19 2010:

Halloween is rolling across the Atlantic and we are gearing up for an exciting New Year Start Off!  With alot of headaches, speed bumps and simple "Walls", we are happy to announce that as of Jan 2011 we will be  doing live-streams daily as well as providing a comprehensive program schedule.  Stay tuned and send your requests/ideas to

October 7 2010:

It is time to take a serious look at our society when we propagate hate to the point of violence against one another based simply on choice of sexual partner. 

September 27 2010:

We are proud to announce the start-up of Phair.TV!  Phair.TV will be providing unique International reports, interviews as well as gripping documentaries.  We have a truly talented group of individuals and as we move forward you will be meeting them personally.  Look forward to Real Life action, true stories and riveting reports.

September 8 2010:

  I am appalled at the actions of the Dove World Center.  It is a truly saddening      hour when we as Americans decide that “An Eye for and Eye or Tooth for a Tooth” the wiser way to peace is.  The Bible is about respect giving back and simply being humble.  Burning the Koran is not only a regressive act incorrectly displaying Americans as revenge seeking individuals. It is also plain and simply disrespectful of a peaceful religion encompassing millions of worshipers.  I am sad to see this type of action happen within the US and hope that it is not carried through.  Knowledge is powerful, might be a good time to use it.