Phillip was born on the 19th of May 1965 in New Haven, Connecticut.  He later "housed" in Cincinnati, Ohio and spent most of his young adult life on the North Shore in Winnetka, Illinois. He completed a partial studies BA program at Northwestern University, completing his BA at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.  Over the last 18 years, his work experience has taken him to France, Spain, England, Italy, Canary Islands, Austria and Germany. Phillip speaks the English, German and French languages.

After many years of working in the International banking sector, Phillip, at encouragement and support from his Grammy nominated sister Liz Phair, decided to begin “Again”. One step at a time..........

In 2005 Phillip began to formulate what is now slowly coming to fruition.  After doing Modeling and TV appearances for Agencies based in Germany, he collected the required knowledge/Know-how and decided to launch his own Internet Television Network. 

Phair.TV! is evolving from a small hopeful seed once planted to a Network that combines the interaction of the viewer, the every changing news of today, unique and diverse cultural lifestyles with direct, riveting and hard style/Real Life reporting. 

The mission: Provide the Viewer with the unexpected, breathtaking and unforgettable.

To Show You The World

Phillip has worked for the Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and JPMorgan.  As a recovering Alcoholic he is the sole survivor among 28 souls of a homeless shelter he briefly called home.  Some who went before him saved his life and he is eternally gratefully to have met these individuals. 

It is this multifaceted experience and many other life-impacting situations that have allowed Phillip to expand his knowledge base and also understand a good portion of Humanity...........and perhaps a piece of the World.

Livinging in Winnetka, Illinois, Phillip has currently spent much of the last year building up his own business in the Chicago area.

Phair IT Consulting is currently consuming much of his time and energy but there is always a moment avsailable for the family.

As we progress along with Filming I stop to enjoy the first ever mini-Clip/Strip I was involved with.

2011 is not only the year of our start it inaugurates a new age in On-Demand Video, Video Streaming and the ever closing gap between worlds.

It is already simmering up to be a truly spectacular year!

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